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Your Questions

Can you tell me more about Newborn sessions?
We only offer newborn sessions within the first 10 days, and as close to the birth day as possible. After 10 days your little one will have changed so much and lost the true newborn look. They may start to develop milk spots, they will be disturbed more while sleeping and will loose their scrunchiness. Newborns are also more pliable when they are 10 days old or younger. This really is the best time - providing Mummy & Daddy are ready. We work at baby's pace and on average sessions can last up to 2 hours, but sometimes up to 4 hours - allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing and of course lots of cuddles. With all this in mind you must book during your pregnancy so we can reserve studio time. The way it works is that you book for your due date so your in our diary. You contact us once baby has arrived and we'll firm up a date/time convenient for us all within that magic window of the first 10 days.

When should we join the Baby Club?

Register as soon as possible as we only offer a limited number of these promotional sessions every month. 

Session one between 4-6 months - This first visit will capture the wonderful early baby stage.
Session two between 8-12 months - Taken when baby is sitting up and moving around we can start to capture images of their growing personalities.
Session three between 12-18 months - Once standing and exploring we can capture their flourishing independence and get the action shots of your little one roaming around

You are welcome to bring any siblings along and get some family photos taken during any of the sessions, just mention this when booking.

When is the best time for a pregnancy session?
Capturing your glowing baby bump is a wonderful way to look back and remember the feel of your little one growing inside you. The best time is around 34-36 weeks, any later and you may be tired and uncomfortable, and baby may even arrive. It is important to understand that it's not about exposing your bump out, its about creating photographs that show off your bump, photos that you are happy and comfortable with - clothed or not. Partners, big brothers and sisters are also welcome to join in.

What if my child is shy in front of new people?
Lots of children are shy around new people, its not just your little one. Everyone is different so before I pick up my camera I'll get to know you all first and make sure everyone feels comfortable. We'll play and let your children 'warm up' before we start taking any photos - there's no rush. As a parent myself I understand how important it is to create a fun, yet calm and relaxed environment. Were an excluive children's studio so we have lots of experience in getting the best from your little ones.

Can I book on a weekend?
Yes, we offer weekend appointments. We also offer occasional early evening appointments. Click here to check our availablity & book your session

When is the best time to book a studio session for my children?
We want your children to be at their best so try to plan around them - choose a time when they are at their happiest, so not just before lunch when they’re peckish or close to nap time when they are getting tired. We don't mind changing your appointment at the last minute if your child wildly changes their routine or is having an off day.

What should we wear, and is there anything we need to bring to the session?
Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email/text which will contain our pre session information.

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